The importance of being honest in your job search
I love my job. I love helping people make important decisions in their careers, guiding and advising them, helping them to make the right move. The satisfaction of helping someone secure their dream job is why I come to work....
Just what DO employers look for in senior management staff?
  Life is good, you’re feeling content in your current role and you’re happy coasting along.   But then you look around the office and little kernels of doubt start to bloom in your brain. Your co-worker sitting across from you is...
Experience VS Education in Block Management - Part 2
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Emily Orner, Head of Property Management SPL Management Ten years ago I went on a trip to Norway, where romance with my, now, husband, blossomed.  It was September and I was invited to join him and his...
Using digital communications to build your company’s reputation
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Caroline Coskry, Chief Executive The Oracle Group ‘Reputation is everything’, so the saying goes, although with the proliferation of social media it is becoming more true. Whether your aim is to find new business opportunities, communicate with...
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