Go for it, you've got this!

Go for it, you've got this!


Emma Peach, Associate Director, MIRPM AssocRICS


The saying goes…"Dress for the job that you want and not the job you have"

The same can be said about people; surrounding yourself with people that are achieving the same (or higher) goals and aspirations as you will help you to realise your dreams much quicker. Positive people will lift you up, just by being in their company.

Positive people talk openly and without apology about what they would like to achieve, for themselves and their company. Do the same. Talking about our goals allows us to visualise ourselves in that particular role. It gives us an understanding of what is required and how much effort or change we are prepared to give. 

Once you are aware of your goals you may need to consider how you will start on your chosen path.

Do you need to retrain?       Or              Possibly relocate?


Is your current employer able to offer you the support that is required or do you need to consider moving to a company that can? Are you surrounded by positive and capable people?

The next step is to adopt a can do attitude.

No one wants to, or should be a doormat but there is a lot to be said for rolling your sleeves up and having a good go. It is through having this attitude that I learnt how to hold an AGM without any notice #nerveracking. In a previous career I even learnt how to decorate trays upon trays of Belgium buns! Being out of your comfort zone is where you grow.

Be prepared to learn from others, listen to those that have the experience that you one day hope to have, listen to their advice good and bad and take it all in. Asking for work experience opportunities is sensible; consider voluntary work, a lack of payment doesn’t mean that you won't be rewarded.

The amazingly talented Serena Williams once said "Everyone's dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard" and I couldn’t agree more.


Go for it, you've got this!





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