Property Management Awards – Why should you go?

Property Management Awards – Why should you go?



This year will see the 9th Anniversary of the Property Management Awards hosted by News on the Block. Starting as a humble event and one of the first of its kind, it now has over 900 attendees, made up of Managing Agents, Freeholders, Industry Bodies and Suppliers. This is a must attend event for anyone working within the block management sector. To give you an insight to why, we have put together some headline points for you to consider.
Outline of the event:
This event is the finale to the block management year, being the last event on the calendar. In more recent years the event has been held in central London, using pop-up locations which add interest to the evening. You will be greeted with a glass of bubbles served under the sparkling lights of London, which gives you the buzz of being in our very own capital city and a good introduction to Christmas with the sense of winding down for the Christmas break. The PMA’s is very much a time to reflect on what we as an industry have achieved and a time to celebrate the hard work of everyone who works in it. After welcome drinks follows the award announcements, dinner and entertainment. The atmosphere is warm, relaxed and vibrant.
Benefits of attending:
Being successful in any career means having a good network of contacts around you, the PMA’s is a great opportunity to meet your industry peers in a more relaxed atmosphere.  Attending structured conferences are great for learning but can be daunting for networking newbies, the PMA’s is a good medium.
Although the PMA’s is about having fun, there is a lot of knowledge that can be gathered from these events which is important for you to retain if you’re serious about your career. Look out for who is shortlisted and wins the “Employer of the Year” award, an accolade which set employers out from the rest. Also taking note of the award winners in other categories can give you an insight to those companies. It’s a time to be inspired by others not resentful, look at what they are doing right and implement this into your own job.
If you’re an employer taking your team to the PMA’s is a great opportunity to thank your team and keep them engaged in the industry. Don’t just take your senior employees, take people at all levels. Showing junior staff what they can achieve long term, could give them the motivation they need. An engaged, motivated work force will give you the return on investment.
Entering your employees into awards is a great way to celebrate them and give them recognition. Some employers worry that employees then might leave but this isn’t true, people only leave roles they are not happy in, not because they have won an award. Mentioning to clients that your staff member won “Property Manager of the Year” will also add value to your business.
Getting an invitation:
If you want to go but you haven’t been selected to attend by your company, reach out to suppliers. Suppliers often buy a table and invite clients to attend with them. Letting your contractors know you want to attend early is advisable. If these both fail invest in your own future and buy a ticket for yourself, Early bird rate: £ 250.00.
If you need help with how to network, read Mike’s tips.
So, pull out your best Dinner Jacket/ sparkly dress and get ready for a night of knowledge, entertainment and team building! See you there.


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