Wellbeing in Block Management - Daily Hassle Log

Daily Hassle Log - Wellbeing in Block Management

Week 2 – Daily Hassle Log – Building Your Resilience

Welcome to Week 2!

The word "stress" is used to describe the physical and / or emotional response to the demands and pressures of modern-day living.
Stress can be a positive thing, which drives us to take action and helps us to grow both professionally and personally. However, when stress reaches a certain level, it can overcome a person’s ability to cope and can impact on their ability to be resilient. Thus, ultimately impacting on their physical and mental health.
This week we want to help you identify the causes and effects of stress and to assist you in developing the resilience required to manage stress in and outside of work. The focus is on the positive things that you can do to make changes in your life which will reduce the impact that “bad” stress places on you.
Everyone deals with stress in different ways, drinking, drug-taking, over or undereating, obsessive use of social media are to name a few. Our brains are wired in a way that seeks to find a reward that makes us feel better. Such as feeling stressed (unwanted feeling) – Have a drink (Behaviour) – Feel better (Reward). This pattern repeated over time becomes a learnt behaviour we are not even aware we are doing. Is this healthy long-term or does this only cause a secondary effect on the body of more stress?
What we are sure of is that people who adapt to stress and find ways of managing it in a healthy way are less likely to develop physical or mental symptoms. When talking about stress, we often associate it with one large event in our lives where we are overwhelmed and show signs of not being able to cope. Although this might often be the case, the biggest cause of stress is actually the “daily hassles” that build up over time. These factors which often build over time go seemingly unnoticed by the individual but accumulated they can slowly cause damage.
So, let’s discover what your ‘daily hassles’ are and how you can change them.
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