Your business is unique. A myriad of different decisions and achievements have created an organisation filled with exactly the right people in exactly the right roles. Understanding the needs and rhythms of your company is our priority. The process of learning about your requirements, your search for the perfect person to weave into the fabric of your business, starts from the moment we take your call.

We invest our time in your brand, its character, values, and ambitions. And this analysis enables us to undertake a rigorous selection process, cross-referencing and refining through selection to the point of placement.

So how do we go about promoting your brand to top talent?

Search: we’ve negotiated advertising slots across the industry, in both print and online formats, enabling visibility of jobs cross-channel.

Select: with a considerable database of candidates we can drill down quickly, according to your specific search criteria, allowing us to map profiles of candidates for shortlist presentation.

Social: we’ve an extensive networking list and are visible at all high profile industry events. We also understand the prevalence of networking online and can promote your brand through our social platforms.

Support: we can promote your brand through direct marketing, and linking, and we’re also a content resource. On our Tips & Advice page you’ll find information on retaining your staff, employer branding and employee well-being.

Secure: we’ll act for you, as instructed by you, and you can be confident that we’ll represent you in a professional manner.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any requirements please call us on 020 3900 0401