Business Consultancy
Are you looking for some advice from an industry expert? Our consultancy service gives you the flexibility of still doing your own recruitment but with the support of our expert team. These are some of the areas we can assist you in on a consultancy basis, designed to suit a variety of budget levels:
  • Job Board Posting & Candidate Filtering
  • Candidate Resourcing Only 
  • Employee Value Proposition & Employer Branding
  • Talent Resourcing Strategy
  • Market Conditions, Salary Benchmarking
Permanent Recruitment
Replacing a key staff member can be time-consuming, expensive and frustrating. Our service is designed to remove these three pressure points by executing a thorough resourcing, interviewing and appointment process.
Understanding your requirements is key to our success. We build close relationships with clients, and undertake detailed research in order to build a complete prospective candidate profile. We’re confident in the success of this approach, the majority of our turnover comes from repeat business.
We have access to a vast database of candidates built over a number of years and honed specifically for the Block Management sector. Aligning your demands with our experience, knowledge and networking prowess we’re confident we can deliver an exceptional candidate on time, and within budget.
To find out more about our permanent recruitment speak to the Block Recruit team on 020 3900 0401.
Contract Recruitment
Winning a short-term contract is exciting but with it comes the challenge of a temporary upscale in the workforce. With a network of skilled contractors at our fingertips, we can work quickly and efficiently to meet your needs, providing staffing solutions across all Block Management positions in a short space of time.
Many dedicated professionals rely on contract work, preferring a more flexible approach to modern day living. With less constraint comes a renewed passion to commit in the short term, meaning a dedication to meet the requirements of the job in the time allowed.
We pride ourselves on staying on top of all changes in UK employment legislature, immersing ourselves in the detail so that you don’t have to. From the beginning of contract recruitment to exit interview we provide a seamless, and transparent, experience for both candidate and client.
Executive Search
Filling a senior management position can require a search that’s a bit leftfield. Those positions that are at Board level, or department Director. Where often time mining a database won’t expose that hidden gem because the calibre of the candidate is difficult to document under one label.
That’s where the industry experience of our Managing Director, Alice Cadfan-Lewis is unparalleled. With 20 years in the Block Management sector, Alice’s wide range of contacts, expertise and strict adherence to confidentiality codes is invaluable. Alice is in the privileged position of knowing the ‘road map’ of many of the leading companies in Block Management, as well as the people at the helm.
If you require an Executive Search we’ve got the inside track. We already know who to contact and what they’re looking for, and we can help you put together the right package in order to land the right person.
Speak to Alice Cadfan-Lewis in confidence regarding your Executive Search on 020 3900 0401,
Managed Recruitment Service (MRS)
Is your business expanding, or do you have consistent and significant hiring needs? If so, we can act as your company’s internal recruitment function for a portion, or all, of the requirement. We can efficiently, and with your express direction, manage the entire recruitment and hiring process from job profiling to, GDPR compliance, recruitment metrics, to employer branding.
The benefits of this service are many. We will improve your productivity and reduce your costs by: eliminating the need to advertise directly; increasing your direct hires; increasing the quality of hire and reducing the cost per hire; removing the administration allowing your HR department to focus on core business issues; and giving you access to our national network of Block Management professionals. All of this whilst also introducing a fixed recruitment cost allowing you to budget effectively.
By allowing us to seamlessly integrate into your business you’ll have access to dedicated Block Recruit team members, our advertising capacity, CV administration, employer branding consultation, talent spotting and pooling and much more.
For a full and detailed list of our MRS offering please speak to our Managing Director, Alice Cadfan-Lewis on 020 3900 0401,