Introducing Mike Barlow
02 February 2017

2017 has started with a bang for the team at Block Recruit, but we have been keeping a secret from you all for a few months now. That secret is Mike Barlow! Mike has been undergoing some intensive training with all of us. Team effort.

Mike joins the Block Recruit team as a Recruitment Consultant. Having worked in property for 5 years before joining us, Mike had a head start on his training.

So why did we choose Mike from our 150 applicants? There was one defining moment in his interview when he said that he was “passionate about helping people, they are at the core of any business” Tick, being in a sales driven role it often attracts people that don’t put importance on making sure they give honest, trustworthy advice. Money should not be the main motivation when you are advising people on one of the most important decisions in their life. It should be People first, always with no exceptions. Mike has this covered. Obviously, the fact he is very charming and has a kind demeanour helps : )

Mike is a Liverpool Fan, we won’t hold this against him ; ) He loves cars and has a beautiful wife Natalie. Natalie comes first in Mikes life and we will help him keep it this way, being a female strong team.
Welcome to the team Mike!