17 August 2017

Professional Development Series



17 August 2017


14:15 – 17:30


Brighton Media Centre Ltd, 68 Middle St, Brighton, BN1 1AL




3 Hours


How to shift the leaseholder experience through better communication & how to increase your productivity


Presenters: Rebecca Bailey, Co -Founder, Optimistic Fox

Emma Blaney, Found & Chief Productivity Champion, Productive Property People


Part 1: How to shift the leaseholder experience through better communication


The 2016 National Leasehold Survey found that 40% of leaseholders felt strongly that their service charge wasn’t value for money, and 57% of leaseholders regret buying a leasehold property at all. At the front line of this sector-wide problem property managers face the brunt of disgruntled, confused and dissatisfied customers daily, despite often doing a good job under difficult circumstances.


Through better customer communication, managing agents & property managers have the ability to positively shift the leasehold experience; building trust & transparency with customers, creating cohesive, self-managing communities and making properties easier and more rewarding to manage. With years of experience working on communication strategies in the property sector, Rebecca has repeatedly found that a shift in communication style between freeholders, leaseholders and tenants can reduce cost and conflict, increase efficiencies and build stronger communities in the properties they manage.


In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore how changing the way you communicate with customers can reduce queries & complaints, create better understanding & relationships and make the property manager’s job simpler and more effective.


Part 2: ‘Actually, I am not that busy’ said no property manager, ever! - How to increase your productivity


Property managers have a vast and varied role which equals busy! Busy with clients, leaseholders, accounts, reports, oh hang on the phones ringing, and now you are busy dealing with a leak. So how to get it all done? One way is head down, eyes closed and fingers crossed until Friday!


Yes it can be totally overwhelming but never fear, we are here to help!! This session has been designed to give you some practical takeaways that you can implement to help you manage your to-dos! There will always be lots to do and stay on top of but with these handy tips you will have the clarity and confidence to make sure that the right things are getting done, so you can get back to doing what you do best, better.


Throughout her 10-year career in the leasehold sector Emma has worked for some of the largest and most reputable investors and developers. Having worked in a number of roles and gaining a thorough understanding of the sector Emma noticed one key issue; time. The issue for Emma was clear: as an industry, we invest vast amounts of resource training newcomers to understand what we do, but how much time do we really invest in training them how to do what we do? From managing email to reviewing company procedures Emma will provide you with training, skills and knowledge to make sure that you can get back to doing what you do best, better.



14:15 - Registration

14:30 - Part 1

15:45 - Break

16:00 - Part 2

17:15 - Round up

17:30 - Close