12 Weeks of Wellbeing
12 Weeks of Wellbeing
06 December 2019

We are on a mission to help all candidates and clients become more resilient, healthy and happy people. Following on from Zoe's talks at the IRPM Regionals raising awareness on wellbeing and mental health in Block Management, we are launching the “12 Weeks of Wellbeing”.
Whether you’re doing this for you or you’re a Team Manager and looking at how you can better support your team members, the 12 Weeks of Wellbeing programme is designed to share tips, guidance, exercises and techniques to transform the way you manage stress and difficult situations in the workplace, giving you the power to positively impact your wellbeing and mental health as well as your teams if you’re a Manager.  
Still not convinced this is something you should be investing your time in, watch this video which is an insightful message from our in-house therapist and author of “Walk with your Wolf” Jonathan Hoban, who talks about the importance of wellbeing and mental health awareness.
If you’re not doing it for yourself, maybe you could help the person sitting right next to you that is going through a struggle you are not even aware of. Compassion and kindness are free to give! https://vimeo.com/373405279
Sign up to Block Recruit's 12 Weeks of Wellbeing Programme here: https://share.hsforms.com/1c1FxK3OCRPqiaqq_uE3LxA42gf9