IRPM Associate Exam Preparatory Workshop, Block Management Training, Leasehold Knowledge
04 February 2020

This is a one-day interactive workshop run by IRPM Trainers specifically for Affiliates intending to sit the Associate Examination. Students prepare for this workshop by studying and having a thorough knowledge of the contents of the IRPM Foundation Course and flagging any queries they may have which will be discussed in more detail at the workshop. A section is also devoted to ‘exam technique’ which should prove invaluable in overcoming the ‘fear factor’ and allow students to prove their knowledge without hindrance from exam nerves. Members of the Institute may also wish to participate by way of a ‘refresher course’.

IRPM Associate Exam Workshop Objectives:

The overall objective is to ensure that those sitting the exam are fully prepared and that there are no surprises.

At the end of the day attendees will:

  • Know what the exam paper looks like and it’s structure
  • Will know how to manage their time on the day
  • Will understand how the papers are marked
  • Will know what the examiner is looking for to award a pass and why papers are failed.
  • Be given ‘tips’ on how to prepare
  • Understand the level of learning required to pass.
  • Know what reading / resources are available that match the syllabus.
  • Be in a position to identify their gaps in knowledge in order to focus their learning in the time leading up to the exam.