Deliver on your promises or lose your top performers

Deliver on your promises or lose your top performers

Your top performers are the people that drive your business success. They show up for work, put in the effort and get the results. Sometimes they seek recognition and sometimes knowing they’ve done their job well is reward enough. But there is one thing that will lose them faster than you can blink, and that is reneging on promises made.
Top performers are typically goal oriented people who like to set their sights on a target and then work hard to achieve it. That sense of accomplishment that they feel will be quickly eroded if the goal posts are then moved. When that happens to them it feels as if all their dedicated efforts were for nothing and the contribution they made to the business isn’t valued. It can cause them to become disgruntled, stop putting in the effort and even seek opportunities elsewhere.
So how can you make sure to deliver on your promises?
It sounds simple, just do what is promised, but things happen, situations change and sometime things are simply beyond your control. And yet you made a promise to your employees and it’s created an expectation, is there a solution?
Consider the cost of not keeping your promises? What will the impact on the business be if your top performers leave? What will it cost to find someone to replace them and how long will it take until the replacement gets up to speed and becomes a top performer? Worse still, what if the employees stay, but stop performing? Then the business will then be carrying demotivated dead weight!
Sometimes it’s better to bite the bullet and make good on your promises, even if it comes at a short term cost. When you go out on a limb for your employees to keep your promises it send a clear message to them that they are highly valued, and the chances are it will help cement their commitment to the business and to them continuing to reach their performance targets.
Communicate & value
It starts with having a culture of good communications. Having an open door policy where employees can come to you when they are struggling with a work situation or need some feedback. And you need to communicate with employees too so that changes don’t come as a nasty surprise. This tells employees that they are valued and an important part of the business. It gives them a sense of belonging and makes them feel as though they are making a direct contribution to the business success – which they are!
Keep in mind the value to your business of keeping your word. In a world that is constantly changing and demonstrates little loyalty, being known that you’re a business that keeps your promises, can make you stand out from the rest of the industry. Be that business and be sure to retain your top performers.


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