Jenny’s top tips to consider when making your next career move in 2018

Proceed with caution; the grass isn't always greener. Have you really sat down and evaluated your current situation? If not, then I’d do so. Write a list of pros and cons if that’s your bag, but make sure you’re giving the positives enough credit and not just dwelling on the negative after a late and tiring AGM on a Friday evening.
What don’t you like about your current role? It’s much harder to think about what you do want from a role, so we always advise to think about what you don’t want. What frustrates you at present? Can your existing employer address these issues, have you spoken to them to find out? We suggest this approach to candidates on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget when you’re caught up in fantasising about your dream job but it’s worth considering. There’s nothing worse than handing your notice in and rushing out the door then realising problems could’ve been solved with your previous employer, while sat in a new office that’s no good for you.
Update your CV and LinkedIn Profile. Show case your skills and add any awards you have received whether these are inhouse or from the ARMA Ace Awards, PMA’s or Property Week All-stars etc. Find something you have done in your career that gives your CV that sizzle. This could be a major works project you worked on or a situation where you went above and beyond the expected. Help the employer understand why you are the best person for the job.
Keep that all-important end goal in mind. Be sure of your intentions and decision long before you start receiving offers. Be honest with yourself and your recruiter, would you accept a counter offer from your current employer? If so, it might not be your time to move. Counter offers can leave a sour taste in the mouth of the company who’ve offered you a new job and our industry is far too small for that kind of drama. They also don’t solve existing issues for the long term; this is an incredibly important fact. Candidates we’ve represented who’ve accepted counter offers end up leaving in around 6 months’ time after realising that money isn't everything.
Find support and utilise it. Now that you are sure you want to move, you know what you do and don’t want, and your CV is updated, it’s time to find yourself a good agent, one that you get on with and understands what you want. Speak to them openly, they are there to be your champion to the rest of the industry.  As your recruitment agent we are very supportive throughout the process and building a strong relationship with one agency helps you put trust in the companies you consider.  A good agent will have the knowledge of what companies will match your requirements, values and team fit. Using more than one agent? Make sure you keep a record of where your CV has been sent and by which agent. This will help you avoid any confusion should your CV be sent to the same employer by two agents.
I hope these points prove useful when planning for 2018, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Block Recruit and do feel free to get in touch anytime if you’d like anymore pointers or to discuss your options in confidence!

Article by: Jenny Dines, Recruitment Consultant, Block Recruit



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