Signs it’s Time to Job Hunt!


There are a number of factors that come into play when you're feeling disengaged and thinking about starting up your job search. But first, can these issues be addressed? Have you sat down with your Line Manager to see if there's anything that can be done? At Block Recruit we always recommend trying to address any problems that you're facing, changing jobs is a process and you never know, perhaps all it takes is a conversation for your line manager to be made aware that you're unhappy and for change to be implemented.

But, what are the signs? What are the reasons for considering a career move?

General Unhappiness: It’s a Sunday and the dread of the next day has overcome you. In fact, your Sunday is ruined by the thought of work the next day. You’re unmotivated, find yourself clock watching whilst at work and wishing your week away. You spend A LOT of your life at work, so surely it makes sense to enjoy what you do? Perhaps you haven’t yet found the job for you, or it could be the company isn’t the right match. If this is you, it’s time to get out!

Lack of Progression: You've hit that invisible ceiling and there's nowhere to go. Whilst you may want to stay loyal and wait your turn, you're not allowing yourself to reach your full potential. If you have to wait 3 years for the potential promotion you've been holding out for, imagine where you'd be in 3 years’ time in another company?

Uncompetitive Salary: Ah, money, money, money. Of course money is important, but don't just jump ship for the sake of a bigger pay cheque. Take everything into consideration, if you're underpaid or your pay doesn't reflect your ability / responsibilities then perhaps it's time to seek advice or take a look around.

False Promises: "We're looking to take on someone to expand and establish our Block Management division" "You'll be promoted to a Property Manager in 6 months" "We'll increase your salary after you pass the MIRPM exam" Ok... We've all heard it. If you were ahead of the game and had this written into your contract then you should be fine. If not, and things aren't at all as they seemed or as they were painted to you and your employer refuses to have a conversation with you to explain why, it might not be the right fit.

Aftermath of The Counter Offer: So, what's a counter offer? It's a quick fix and the delaying of the inevitable if you ask me. There was a reason you started your job search and whilst a small pay rise and promises may keep you there for now, chances are you'll find yourself back in the same position in a couple of months’ time. Don't forget why you decided to leave and do not let the pound signs blur your vision!

Lack of Confidence in Employer: You joined your employer with your values in-line, but through growth, or change in management, these values have been lost or have changed along the way. Business operations and the way a business runs can also be impacted. You need to believe in your employer to sell yourselves as a great business. You shouldn’t be struggling to do so, and your values should match – if you were a leaseholder, you should have full confidence in the fact you’d want to use the Managing Agent you work for!

There's a number of signs that it's time to move on. Some are small but build up over time. Don't let all of the negatives change your opinion of your job, there is an employer and a position out there for you! One that will value you and allow you to flourish.

If you're unsure on the steps to take or whether the grass is really greener on the other side, give me, or a member of the Block Recruit Team a call for any advice or for a general, confidential chat! It's what I'm here for, to listen, to advise, sometimes it just helps to get a different perspective or more of an insight into other positions within the industry.

Article by: Zoe Southwell, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Block Recruit


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