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Guest Blogger, Emily Alder-Jeffs, Pilates and Nutrition Coach

We would like to thank Emily for sharing her valuable knowledge and helping us to stay happy and healthy. Here are Emily’s top tips for staying motivated and focused while increasing your energy levels and keeping mentally fit.


If you’re still working from home it’s easy to develop bad habits, such as getting up later, always wearing comfy clothes and not allowing efficient time to eat or drink properly before starting work. You may find yourself snacking on the wrong food or missing lunch altogether. Create a healthy routine which you can stick to, this will aid a productive workday and a happier you.

So, what vitamins and minerals do we need?

The best way to get all your vitamins and minerals is to eat a very wide range of plant-based foods, as fresh as possible, think of including the colour spectrum in your diet and keep some of it raw if you can, cooking removes some of the vitamin and mineral content.

Vitamin B = Energy, Antioxidant, Memory Function, helps with Anxiety and Depression. We need to make sure we get enough vitamins B’s for energy, antioxidant and memory, they also help maintain our moods, so we don’t get depressed or anxious. Where to get it: Whole wheat bread, whole grain, oats, nuts (not salted), eggs, avocadoes, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, lentils

Magnesium = Energy and helps with Stress. Where to get it: Avocado, Nuts cashews, peanuts, almonds which are also fabulous for our skin, spinach, brown rice, dates, apricots

Iron = Energy Production, Keeps the mind focused, also needed for our immune system. Where to get it: Red meat, nuts, cooked beans, seeds, kale, spinach always include some vitamin C when eating your plant-based iron as the body needs a little vitamin C to help to absorb plant-based iron.

Zinc = Memory for active brain function keeping us alert, also brilliant for the immune system, helping with any inflammation in the body and shortening the length of time you’d suffer from a common cold. Where to get it: Ginger, peas, plain yoghurt, nuts, pumpkin seeds, wild rice, chickpeas

Vitamin C = Immune system. All fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, but certain ones are higher than others. Where to get it: Kiwis, tomatoes, black currants, lemons, limes, chilli’s, yellow peppers, kale and herbs such as thyme and parsley

Don’t forget your Fluids!

We need to consume about 1 1/2 litres to 2 litres of water a day. This doesn’t include coffee and tea as these have a diuretic effect, dehydrating us. Our brains and energy levels will be better if we get that intake from water. Have you ever sat at your desk struggling to focus? This can happen when we haven’t drunk enough water, so my top tip is to keep a jug or bottle of water on your desk at all times. There are also apps now that prompt you to drink water, so no excuses!

By all means, have your good quality coffee, but also try including some herbal and fruit teas. I wake up to a turmeric tea with honey in and a slice of ginger this gets everything awake. Other good teas are red bush, green tea with jasmine and chamomile for the evening.

Breakfast ideas:

Porridge with almond milk, chopped banana, sultanas, tsp of ground flax seeds, sprinkle of cinnamon which helps balance your sugar levels, tsp of honey or maple syrup

Alternative for summer days

Cold soaked oats in almond milk or oat milk or semi-skimmed milk, a handful of raspberries, sliced strawberries, tsp of almond butter, tsp of flax seeds, a dessert spoon of natural yoghurt and tsp of honey or maple syrup.  Place all ingredients in a bowl and allow to sit for a few mins while you make your tea or coffee.

If you prefer savoury

1 slice of wholemeal toast or whole grain, mashed avocado with toasted pumpkin seeds and chilli and lime, you could also add a poached egg to this.


If you want any further assistance on Nutrition or want to take up Pilates, please contact Emily here


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