How to give constructive interview feedback

How to give interview feedback


Why Interview feedback is so important

Interview feedback, whether it is positive or negative, it is crucial during the hiring process.

Why it is important for the candidate:

Property Managers are busy people we all know that they have offered their time and effort and providing feedback shows you value them and also says something about your business values

Silence, no feedback speaks volumes, they will form their own feedback if they hear nothing, this will most likely be negative, along with a negative opinion of the company. Word of mouth is a powerful thing

Remember being a junior in the industry? Look where you are now, this feedback can go a long way in shaping you as a professional in the industry, everyone has to start somewhere

Why it is important to you as an employer:

Everyone should walk away wanting to work for you, if feedback isn’t given, or given too late then this will form a negative opinion of your company, creating a bad reputation in the industry

You can build your own talent pool of candidates who may be suitable in the future, they will think of you highly if you give them efficient, constructive feedback and you can hire them in years to come, once they have gained more experience and qualifications

The candidate is going through your interview process, which means they get a real insight into the company’s internal processes, in the candidate’s mind, if it’s taking you over a week to come back to them, what else is it taking you a week to do?

How to give constructive feedback?

The main thing is, to be honest, use the real reasons they aren’t suitable and deliver it in a positive way, this means they can improve for their next interview, and gain the experience they may be lacking, and in the future, they may be the right person for you

If you are collaborating with a recruitment partner, you can use our skills by giving us honest feedback and we can deliver this to the candidates and give them advice on what to do, this will save you a lot of time and will be beneficial to your employer brand when a candidate walks away with a high opinion of you


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